I’ve been a client of Megan Lund and Hit the Ground Running since March 2010.  I am a cyclist, so the focus of my workouts is different from runners.  Even so, Megan’s training schedule has helped immensely.  I own my own restaurant and wholesale business, so my schedule is extremely busy and erratic.  Megan has been able to design a training program that works around my schedule so that I can obtain maximum fitness.  I have noticed a significant difference in my overall fitness and endurance in the four short months that I have been training under Megan.  Megan’s system doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m training harder than I was before, I’m just training smarter.

The difference is evident in the results.  Since March, I have dropped down from 180 lbs. to under 165 lbs.  The times on my rides have dropped down consistently as well.  I’m 15-20 minutes faster on 25-30 mile training rides than I was last year.  That’s an increase in speed of between two and four miles an hour!! I would highly recommend using Megan and Hit the Ground for your training needs.  Her program, although difficult, if followed correctly, will certainly yield the results you are looking for.

-Quinn Gallagher
Basalt, CO

I live in Houston, Texas but I work in Aspen in the summer, and for the last four summers Megan has been my coach in a training group of 4-6 runners of various levels. We do speedwork and interval sessions once a week, always starting with a 1-2 mile easy warmup. I look forward all winter to these sessions! As a coach, Megan is demanding yet reasonable, patient yet persistent, and, above all, fun to work with. Maybe the one word that captures Megan’s style is supportive.

There are a few things in particular that I appreciate about Megan’s coaching. One is, she will always answer your questions – both in session and sometimes by email during the week – thoroughly and thoughtfully; she not only explains exactly what do do, but also why you should do it. The second is, during tough speed intervals she sometimes paces (runs) with you, helping and encouraging you through the temporary agony of it. Her own level of fitness is such that she can do this many times with different people throughout a session and not seem to breathe a bit harder for it!! Thirdly, Megan’s expertise extends to diet and nutrition, and she has helped me in this area, too.

The proof is in the times, and I definitely give Megan credit for helping me go from 49:03 down to 46:30 between 2007 and 2008 in the 5-mile July 4 Boogie’s Buddy Run. On the track my mile went from 8:43 down to 8:27 between 2008 and 2009.

Megan’s voice – “Drive your knees!” and “Breathe through your diaphragm!” are two Megan-isms – echoes through my brain as I train during the winter, and my work with her has not only made me a better runner but has made me love running more.

-Charlie Tauber
Houston, TX