On-Site Coaching

Private Coaching :
Highly recommended for clients undergoing a training program for an upcoming event. Clients will benefit from coach‐athlete interaction, timed on intervals/repetitions, objective advice and motivation. Clients may also use this opportunity to engage in another activity such as hiking or walking (very effective during the client’s off‐season, or throughout and directly following injury).

Group Coaching:
Clients may recruit friends to workout in a group setting (minimum of 4 total athletes). Great for the runner on a quest to get fit, trim and stay on a budget!

Core Strength Session:
Sessions in which clients will learn to strengthen the core running specific muscles. Exercises may include abs, planks, medicine ball routines, fit ball exercises etc.

Speed Agility & Drill Session:
Sessions in which the client learns a series of drills to incorporate speed, muscle memory, strength and explosive muscular power. Ideally, these drill sessions should be performed twice weekly and are designed to augment the running program.